New report details what to know about cardiovascular disease symptoms

(FatCamera/E+ via Getty Images) Symptoms of cardiovascular problems run the gamut. Some – like chest pain during a heart attack or a droopy face during a stroke – are sudden and severe, while others last years with varying intensity. Factors such as sex, cognitive function and depression can complicate the recognition or diagnosis of symptoms. … Read more

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dr Nissa Ingraham receives a hug from Associate Provost Dr. Mike Steiner and Provost Dr. Jamie Hooyman applauds after Ingraham was announced Friday as Northwest’s 2023 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education recipient. (Photo by Lauren Adams/Northwest Missouri State University) Aug 12, 2022 Northwest Missouri State University honored six Friday individuals as recipients of its … Read more

Transition milk improves health in neonatal calves

Feeding calves transition milk instead of milk replacer in the first days of life stimulates intestinal development and improves health scores. In a new report in the Journal of Dairy Science®published by FASS Inc. and Elsevier, five researchers from Michigan State University examine the effects of transition milk on the health and growth of Holstein … Read more

Imagine learning you’re an author on a paper after it’s retracted for plagiarism – Retraction Watch

Dragan Lambic An education researcher whose colleague added his name without his knowledge to a paper he didn’t contribute to is now dealing with another problem: The paper has been retracted for plagiarism. And now he’s suing the publisher – not over the retraction, but for allowing the authorship forgery. Dragan Lambić, of the University … Read more

Gifted Summer Programs Skew White & Wealthy. Not Baltimore’s — And It’s Free — The 74

Sign up here for The 74’s daily newsletter. Donate here to support The 74’s independent journalism. Baltimore, Maryland The course is “Cloudy With a Chance of Science,” and James Ramirez places his hand-fashioned tin foil boat into a bin of water, squealing with excitement as he discovers it floats. The first grader and his classmates … Read more

Preterm birth’s link with educational attainm

image: Three pupils studying with calculators. view more Credit: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels, CC0 ( All children born before full term are more likely to have poorer attainment during primary school compared with children born full term (39-41 weeks), but only children born very preterm—before 32 weeks— remain at risk of poor attainment at the end … Read more

Nadine Strossen and Jacob Mchangama join FIRE as Senior Fellows

Jacob Mchangama (left) and Nadine Strossen (right) have joined FIRE as our inaugural Senior Fellows. by Molly Fratianne and Marcus Maldonado August 17, 2022 As FIRE expands its mission to include off-campus free speech advocacy, we are excited to continue elevating principled thought-leaders and advocates of free expression to reach broader audiences and foster a … Read more

South Coast Health Announces Dr. Christian Pope as New Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology – New Bedford Guide

Southcoast Health announced today that the not-for-profit community health system has named Christian S. Pope, DO, FACOG Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology. A long-standing medical staff member at St. Luke’s Hospital, Dr. Pope specializes in providing high-quality women’s health care with clinical interests in medical complications of pregnancy, along with teaching and education in the … Read more

Will your university still exist in the future

image: Cover of “Digital Transformation for the University of the Future” view more Credit: World Scientific With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen universities worldwide having to pivot quickly to transform their education delivery to an online environment, as well as conduct their business operations virtually and remotely. For the universities who embraced digital transformation, … Read more

Academic authors need a bill of rights

I began to publish in scholarly journals in 1971. For almost 50 years, I thought I understood what journal editors did. My certainty, along with my confidence in professional roles and processes, has evaporated. I described some of my recent unprofessional experiences in a Times HigherEducation article in June. Since then, I have had two … Read more