AAC Outstanding New Faculty Advisor Adnan Alrubaye

University of Arkansas

Adnan Alrubaye

Adnan Alrubaye, assistant professor of poultry science and the associate director of the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program, was awarded the Academic Advising Council’s 2022 Outstanding New Faculty Advisor of the Year award. The Academic Advising Council recognizes one new faculty advisor annually for their outstanding contributions.

Applications are nominated by their departments and provide a detailed packet outline the individual’s contributions. Criteria for the Outstanding New Faculty Advisor of the Year award include strong interpersonal skills, frequent contact with advisees, a caring attitude toward students, and participation in advisor development programs.

Alrubaye was born and raised in the south region of Iraq. He completed his bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from the College of Veterinary Medicine and his master’s degree in medical microbiology from the University of Baghdad. He earned a master’s degree in science education and a doctoral degree in cell and molecular biology from the U of A. Currently, Alrubaye works as an assistant professor of poultry science and the associate director of the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program.

He teaches general microbiology, domestic animal microbiology and domestic animals bacteriology. He is a poultry microbiologist interested in identifying the bacterial causes and mitigation measures for bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis in broiler chickens. Most recently, Alrubaye received the U of A Imhoff award for Outstanding Teaching and Student’s Mentorship, the Fulbright College Master Teacher Award, the Collis Geren Award for excellence in graduate and international education, the Hoyt H. Purvis Awards for Service in International Education, the Outstanding Faculty Member from the office of Sponsored Students Programs and the U of A Most Outstanding Faculty Member from the Associated Students Government.

Numerous students provided examples of how Alrubaye has helped to shape their academic and professional careers. One student noted that when taking his general microbiology class, he felt that Alrubaye “cared for every one of us. Beginning with the first day of class, his mission was to remember names and majors one row at a time.” Another student noted, “Dr. Alrubaye’s professionalism and interpersonal skills allow him to cultivate a strong team environment and gain the respect of students. In terms of teaching capability, he has a unique but pleasant way of teaching. … Students feel more comfortable around him because of his ability to address their needs professionally yet be empathetic.”

In his own words about advising and working with students:

What do you like best about working with students?

I love working with students because they are energetic, curious and open-minded. Working with students over the years has helped me develop more ways to challenge their critical thinking and help them progress and develop as scientists.

What has working with students taught you about being an instructor or advisor?

Working with undergraduate students as an instructor and advisor has taught me to be patient and to continuously look for ways to develop my teaching and advising skills.

Any words of advice or helpful tips for other advisors on this campus?

My best tip for other advisors is to invest as much time in undergraduate student advising. Undergraduate students are curious and open to learn and are always looking for ways to improve their research skills. I have enjoyed mentoring great undergraduate researchers, and I am so proud of all my students.

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