Robot nose that can “smell” disease on your b

Robot nose that can “smell” disease on your b

image: Scientists develop diagnostic device for identifying compounds unique to particular diseases. view more Credit: Nano Research, Tsinghua University Press Scientists are working on diagnostic techniques that could sniff out chemical compounds from breath, sweat, tears and other bodily emissions and that act as fingerprints of thousands of diseases. But to take this concept—known as … Read more

The Most Discussed Clinical Research in 2021

Whether on Twitter, Facebook or in the news, clinical research published in ASN Journals generates discussion around the world, keeping nutrition scientists, clinicians, and policymakers current with groundbreaking findings and setting the stage for new advances in nutrition science and practice. Recently, the four ASN Journal Editors posted a new collection, “Most Discussed Clinical Research … Read more

HealthMinds launches Drive My Research, an online platform to simplify the life of researchers

Bengaluru, India, 2nd Jul 2022, HealthMindsan organization promoting, enabling and accelerating scientific advancement in the healthcare industry has launched Drive My Research platform ( that will offer a host of research services to doctors and scientists desirous of publishing their work in high impact scientific journals. The platform is aimed at assisting doctors and scientists … Read more

Exhibit hall offers space to learn, meet, improve skills

AVMA Convention 2022’s exhibit hall will be packed with educational opportunities and career services. This year’s exhibit hall will have more than 200 booths to browse over three days, with previews of the latest technology, sponsored lectures, giveaways, promotions, and chances to connect with vendors and organizations across the industry. And the AVMA Pavilion will … Read more

TTUHSC School of Nursing’s Ashcraft named Fel

image: The Gerontological Society of America recently awarded fellow status to Alyce S. Ashcraft, Ph.D., RN, from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences School of Nursing. Ashcraft was recognized for her outstanding and continuing work in the field of gerontology. view more Credit: TTUHSC The Gerontological Society of America (GSA), the driving force behind advancing … Read more

The “forever chemical”, per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), as an emerging threat to soil health

Newswise — Soils are impacted globally by several anthropogenic factors, including chemical pollutants. Among those, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are of concern due to their high environmental persistence, which are therefore also called “forever chemicals” in public discourse. However, their effects on soil structure and function were largely ignored. A recent study by Dr. … Read more