COVID-19 cases on South Shore have increased for eight straight weeks

QUINCY — The rise in COVID-19 cases is showing no signs of slowing down.

For the eighth straight week, the number of cases statewide and on the South Shore increased, the state Department of Public Health reported on Thursday. New case numbers increased in all 23 communities surveyed, some by more than 50%, over a week ago.

A separate report from the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education showed an increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the state’s schools, both among students and staff. For the week ending Wednesday, 14,878 new cases were reported among the state’s Grade K-12 students, an 11.2% increase over the prior week, while the 4,090 cases among school staff was an increase of about 1%.

Levels of the virus in the region’s wastewater, a predictor of future cases, is also reported on the upswing, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. The MWRA’s South Region includes seven South Shore municipalities.

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