Covid 19: Northland school cases have more than tripled since last week

The number of Northland teachers and students with Covid-19 over the past seven days has more than tripled since last week, according to data from the Ministry of Education.

Northland has reported 272 school Covid cases in the last week, up from 81 cases the previous week.

Across New Zealand, cases in all schools, kura, and early childhood education (ECE) centers have risen by over 20% in week.

More than 11,600 teachers and students across New Zealand were diagnosed with Covid-19 over the past week.

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The data is collected over seven days to show how many people may be in isolation at any one time.

This increase comes as New Zealand’s Covid cases trend upwards. The second Omnicron peak is expected to hit as early as June.

Auckland has the highest number of people in schools with Covid-19. During the past seven days, more than 3630 students and teachers were isolating. This is an 18% increase since Thursday last week.

School cases in Wellington and Hawke’s Bay are also on the way up, an increase of 36% and 38% since last week.

Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast school cases have increased slightly, by 6.25%. A total of 680 teachers and students reported Covid-19 in the last seven days in these regions.

However, the upward trend in schools is not nationwide. Bay of Plenty and Taranaki/Manawatu have seen cases dip by 9.5% and 0.3%.

Otago has the least amount of Covid in schools, with 172 cases reported over the last seven days. This is down from 941 cases the previous week.

Northland has reported 272 cases in schools in 7 days, up from 81 cases last week.  (File photo)

Phil Walter/Getty Images

Northland has reported 272 cases in schools in 7 days, up from 81 cases last week. (File photo)

Last month, the Government lifted mask mandates in schools.

Many health experts opposed this decision, and a group of more than 150 doctors and scientists sent an open letter to the Government asking for school mask mandates to return.

Some schools chose to keep the mandates in place, but the majority of schools have kept mask-wearing optional.

To date, 19% of all Covid cases have been in children below the age of 20.

The vaccine roll-out for children has been slow. Just 25% of children are fully vaccinated, and 55% have had their first jab.

Last week, New Zealand hit a million confirmed Covid-19 cases. But modeling suggests the true number could be 2-4 times higher.

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