Education Department veterans return to class to keep the lights on during COVID absences

As you walk into the classroom this morning there may be a new face at the teacher’s desk as COVID-19 displaces many from the front line.

And the call has gone out for veteran staff to return to the classroom.

NT Education Department program manager Brenda Moore was three years into the corporate side of the department when she was happy to answer the call to return to the classroom.

“I absolutely love reconnecting with the students again, it’s fantastic,” she said.

“And working with my teaching colleagues in schools. Affirming is the word I would use.”

Ms Bowden is one of 85 corporate-based qualified teachers to return to 46 schools, and has been to six different schools in term one, teaching preschool to year 12.

As of last week, there were 61 teacher vacancies across NT schools.

“It was just slotting back in, really,” she said.

Things have changed a lot since her first teaching job at the rural Howard Springs Primary School 36 years ago.

“Teaching as a whole has a greater understanding of the whole child, the social and emotional side of the child, which will affect their ability to learn,” Ms Bowden said.


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