Educators fear low scores after COVID-19

Corrections & Clarifications: ​The article incorrectly characterized how much third grade reading scores had dropped. Third grade reading scores dropped by approximately 11 percentage points from 2019 to 2021, and the scores for “economically disadvantaged” students were approximately 14 percentage points lower than the state average in 2021.

As Arizona students prepare to take end-of-year standardized tests this spring, educators fear two years of disrupted learning may cause students to score lower than they normally would.

The testing comes after what educators are calling “the hardest year yet” for catching up students whose schooling was disrupted during the pandemic.

“The prediction is that (scores) are going to be lower. I mean, we can’t have two years of disrupted learning and not expect it to impact test scores,” said Michelle Capriotti, a teacher in the Chandler Unified School District.

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