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Energix is ​​a patented technology that makes it possible for its user’s home to have stable and smooth electricity leading to increased efficiency, reduced dirty electricity, no more wasted energy, and lower power bills. Energix’s patented technology provides your home with a smooth, stable electrical current that leads to an increase in efficiency, reduction in dirty electricity, less wasted power, and dramatically lower energy bills.

How Energix Works?

Stabilizes Power – Combines groundbreaking electricity stabilizing technology (EST) with power factor correction to stabilize your homes electric flow and increase efficiency.

Reduces Dirty Electricity – Reduces dirty electricity traveling along electrical wires, helping eliminate your exposure to the artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) wireless devices generate.

Eliminates Harmful Spikes – Uses advanced capacitors to eliminate harmful spikes in electricity that can damage your appliances and electronics.

Energix Best Features

Here are Energix’s best features, as they are mentioned on the product’s official website:

Powerful, Unique Technology – Combining the most advanced electricity stabilizing technology (EST) with the power factor that corrects and stabilizes the electric flow in the home, increasing efficiency

Safe & Reliable, We Guarantee It – Energix is ​​not only approved by the UL but also compliant with RoHS methodology. What’s also great about it is that it also comes with a 1-year warranty

Works In Any Home Energix is ​​perfect for any house, apartment, or office.

Why Electricity Doesn’t Have to Be Wasted?

People’s homes are using energy all day long, for the kitchen, the dishwasher, lightning, or the refrigerator and laptops. Many people are obsessed with turning off the lights and closing the refrigerator’s door because every day, more and more energy is being wasted without any real reason. And when all that energy is starting to add up, there’s not only the planet that becomes endangered but also the electricity bill.

People need to understand that energy is not at all free. People are paying for it, which means that wasting energy is not an option. Natural gas and coal, which both produce electrical energy, won’t be at our disposal forever. However, this doesn’t mean that people must live under stress because they need to shut down the refrigerator door or turn off the light. There are many ways to save energy, Energix is ​​one of them.

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Here are some ways in which people can save energy:

  • Shutting off the lights and turning off any electrical device
  • Adjusting the thermostat
  • Make sure the refrigerator’s door is closed
  • Replacing burnt-out light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs
  • Using cold water for the washing machine
  • Fixing faucets that are dripping
  • No longer taking baths, but showers
  • Blocking the sun by closing the curtains
  • Putting plastic sheets on windows

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How To Use Energix?

Plug it in

Plug the device into any outlet or power bar and wait for the green light to flash. Energix does the rest. That almost, you’re saving money!

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free – No wires, No batteries, No Monthly Fees or Additional Costs

Recommended Usage

Use One (1) Energix unit for every up to 800 sq.ft of space. Maximize the results and help Save As Much as 90% on your Electricity Bill.

Energix: Buy Most Innovative Electricity Management Device on the Planet

What Do People Have to Say About Energix?

Energix’s official website features many positive reviews on the product. Here’s what some of these reviews are saying, in short:

Thomas Crowder, from Oklahoma City, OK says that Energix is ​​an absolute no-brainer, and he has ended up buying 3 devices. He put one in his kitchen and took one in the bedroom. The last one he left for the living room. In 6 months, Thomas noticed a real difference in his electricity bill. He no longer needed to put money aside to pay it each month.

Kevin Holmes from St. Louis, MO says that he’s indeed surprised with how much he has managed to save ever since using Energix. Besides, he is amazed at how easy it is to use this device. Kevin is sure that he’s going to be an Energix customer for life.

And there are many similar reviews on the Energix official website, where people are saying just how happy they are with the way this device has worked for them, or how much they have managed to save by using it.

How Much Does Energix Cost?

Here are the current prices on the official Energix website:

  • 1 device for $59 + FREE shipping in the US
  • 2 devices for $99 + FREE shipping in the US
  • 3 devices for $135 + FREE shipping in the US

Payments can be made not only via credit or debit card but also through PayPal. All products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Energix customer support can be reached at:

  • US: +1 (323) 458-5841
  • UK: +44 1483 694490
  • CA: +1 (431) 800-0408
  • AU: +61 3 4149 1307

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Money Back Guarantee

Our 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee comes with every purchase in case you are not fully satisfied.

Final Verdict – Energix

The Energix is ​​an energy-saving device. It reduces household energy consumption by stabilizing electricity current. You’ll begin to make efficient use of your energy without wasting any. The Energix is ​​an energy-saving device. It reduces household energy consumption by stabilizing electricity current. You’ll begin to make efficient use of your energy without wasting any.

Energix saves energy while also protecting from the damage of power surges and outages. Energix reduces this noise, therefore, decreases the amount of electricity wasted. It simply uses the energy more efficiently, therefore, needing less of it.

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