Joujou, a Montessori-inspired playground, opens in Des Moines

There’s a miniature jungle gym equipped with a small slide, a book nook, fuzzy mats, puzzles and toys; it’s a baby and toddler paradise.

Joujou, an indoor play center, opened in Des Moines last week, offering an interactive environment for young children to have fun with their caregivers. The playground — sitting at 906 42nd St. across the Shops at Roosevelt and Hubbell Elementary School — features areas designed for infants a few months old and spaces for toddlers up to age 5.

The Montessori method of education that broadly removes formal or rigid teaching methods in favor of children independently exploring the environment and their own interests inspired co-owners Amanda Wiebers and Jenny Johnson when they designed the playground.

Amanda Wiebers and Jenny Johnson, co-owners of Joujou, an indoor Montessori-inspired play space, wanted a space for children to explore.

Meaning, they expect kids to be kids.

“It’s all right for them to get their wiggles out and to let them make mistakes,” Wiebers said. “They can do it on their own. They can build those skills independently. (We) let them touch everything, let them put it in their mouth.”

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