JoVE partners with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) to bring over 14,000 STEM videos for Research and Education to Egyptian citizens

The EKB is one of the biggest digital libraries in the world and hosts a diverse collection of content; online journals, books and videos. EKB grants all Egyptians access to the largest amount of knowledge, cultural and scientific content for all categories, including all the needed scientific content for students of basic education, university students and postgraduate studies.

By partnering with JoVE, Egyptian citizens will now be able to access over 14,000 videos of laboratory methods and science concepts on a wide variety of STEM subjects including biology, chemistry, medicine, engineering and neuroscience, among others. In addition, JoVE offers a vast array of complimentary support to help STEM instructors and researchers save time and effort. These include syllabus mapping services, custom video playlists and a new JoVE Quiz feature for student assessment.

dr Tarek ShawkiMinister of Education at Egypt has said: “The Ministry of Education (Egyptian Knowledge Bank) recently contracted with JoVE databases for the EKB community. As JoVE provides Science Curriculum for education, Research Journal & Visualized Experiments, this partnership will help the EKB community, add value to our R&D mission, and contribute to the development of science education and research in all Egyptian institutions.”

Steven AltieriVice President of Sales for JoVE has said: “We’re excited to partner with the Ministry of Education and Egyptian Knowledge Bank to provide National Access to JoVE to all Egyptian citizens. It is JoVE’s mission to advance scientific education and research via our streaming video resources. This partnership will give every professor, researcher, and student access to a powerful tool for advancing Egyptian science and contributing to scientific knowledge worldwide. Thank you for this opportunity to serve Egyptyou will not be disappointed.

About EKB

The Egyptian Knowledge Bank is the world’s largest digital library granting unlimited resources exclusively for Egyptians. The EKB is an initiative that has been launched by Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi during the National Science Day of 2014. More information can be found on the EKB website:

About JoVE

Founded in 2006, JoVE is the leading producer and publisher of video resources for science education and research. With thousands of videos published across several disciplines in science, medicine and engineering, the JoVE library provides clear, detailed illustrations of a vast range of scientific techniques and concepts.

Today, hundreds of institutions and laboratories worldwide use JoVE to meet their research and instruction needs, such as:

  • increasing research reproducibility and productivity
  • saving time and resources in the lab
  • making lab training programs more efficient and cost-effective
  • boosting student learning outcomes and comprehension
  • Teaching practical sciences effectively in remote classrooms
  • improving student engagement with complex science topics

More information can be found on the JoVE website:


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