Lansing summer camps fill up quick amid high demand, staffing woes

With summer break on the horizon, Lauren Leeds recently sat down to explore day camps for her first grader.

As she browsed offerings in the Lansing area, she began to worry. Many were already filled up.

“I had a moment of absolute panic,” she said. “I need child care options.”

That isn’t the only reason summer camps are important to Leeds. She sees them as a way for her son to continue learning over the summer and build social and emotional skills with other children.

“Coming off the past two years of the pandemic, it helps bridge the gap between the end of the school year and the start of the next year,” she said. “It’s drastically important.”

Demand is high among parents this year for summer camps. Many are no longer working from home. Others want to keep their children engaged after two difficult school years.

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