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As part of the state’s implementation of Perkins 5, the federal grant supporting Career and Technical Education (CTE), LCSD#1 teachers are required to earn a minimum of 35 hours of externship experience. An externship is an opportunity for a teacher to work with a business or industry partner to learn current industry practices or skills needed in the workplace and the community.

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) has provided a $35/hour stipend for teachers to earn during this externship. WDE will allow teachers a maximum of 75 externship hours over 5 years utilizing this per diem rate. Businesses will need to verify teachers’ externship hours and complete paperwork or provide pay stubs. Other business-related requirements and information surrounding externships can be found on page one at WDE in the Externalship Handbook.

The district is partnering with local industry and business partners to create a menu style offering of different experiences with Cheyenne and Laramie County. The goal is to provide teachers with a list of pre-approved externship experiences that they can select from that meets their interests and area of ​​expertise. Our hope is to help streamline the process for all involved to maximize the value and benefit of the externship.

Based on the menu style offering, the district will follow the process outlined below:

  • They collect your interest in hosting extern(s) through a form attached below in a QR code by April 29th. You can also link to the survey here.
  • They have these opportunities approved by WDE before presenting them to teachers.
  • Teachers will select externships of interest and be connected to the business partner sponsoring that externship.
  • Finally, the business or industry partner and teacher will determine the time period, length, and content of the externships.

Any questions can be directed to Industry expertise is valued, and the district looks forward to working with community partners.

Why it Matters

As part of our ongoing dedication to developing talent in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and the Front Range, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is spearheading and facilitating a variety of internships for students and externships for educators. Learn more about our Venture Program and our partnership with LCSD1 to develop our workforce for a brighter tomorrow.


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