Loyal School District shifts 4k to four days a week | Education

LOYAL, Wis. (WAOW) – Currently, the Loyal School District’s 4k program has kids come twice a week. By fall, They plan on doubling the days, giving students more chances for education and growth.

“I think for our community it’s just where we’re at with the needs of our kids and our families,” said Loyal 4k Teacher Alison Schley.

Before making the move, the school asked parents for their thoughts on adding additional days.

“It was very positive. We had 100 people that responded back to us which was really nice,” said Nancy Popp, the Loyal Elementary School Principal.

The program will be a balance of education and learning social skills, preparing students for their academic career and relationships.

“A big part of four-year-old kindergarten isn’t just academics, it’s social emotional development. It’s learning the structure of school, it’s problem solving, it’s even just developing the self-confidence to know they can learn,” Schley said .

Officials said the added two days can strengthen skill and meet a need.

“We realized there’s a lot more needs that are out there for the kiddos and if they’re here four days a week we have a much greater chance of being able to reach all of those,” Popp said.

School officials said starting young can lay a firm foundation for the future.

“I was a high school teacher for many years and did not realize the importance of kids interacting with one another, playing together or following directions. If it starts and it’s really strong at four it makes everything so much easier as you move on up in order to reach more academics as they get older,” Popp said.

Right now they have about 13 students signed up and have room for more. Popp said they never turn anyone away and are prepared to expand if need be. For parents interested in how the new class will work, there will be an open house on Thursday.

More information can be found here.

The parent’s perspective

Wausau School District’s 4k program meets for two and a half hours every day. DC Everest kids meet for two hours and 45 minutes. An area parent said her daughter has benefited from being in school multiple days a week.

“If they’re only going here and there they’re kind of just getting the hint of school but she’s ready to go now that we’re talking about kindergarten. She’s like I’m going to be there all day I’m ready to go,” said parent Marie Slattery.

Slattery said the consistency helped her daughter know what to expect from kindergarten and feel more excited for the change.


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