Manitowoc student journalist reports on state of arts after COVID-19

MANITOWOC – “I wish that more students were engaged in the arts. I think there’s a lot of untapped talent at Lincoln, and I’m sure across the whole district,” says Samantha Czekala, a senior in Lincoln High School’s theater program.

In February 2022, Samantha Czekala and fellow Lincoln senior Abigail Barnett worked hard planning their final National Honor Society community service project: a student-run musical theater workshop for middle-schoolers in the Manitowoc Public School District.

The students would observe a rehearsal for the high school’s winter musical and workshop parts of choreography, music and acting.

The seniors’ project is a direct response to the decreasing number of students in the Lincoln theater program, so it was discouraging when only 10 of the projected 40 students registered.

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