Monadnock Ledger Transcript – New principals named at Mascenic Regional High School, Rindge Memorial School

Boynton Middle School principal Elizabeth Pogorzelski wants to take over as Mascenic Regional High School principal in the fall.

Pogorzelski called it an “unexpected but potentially a good opportunity” when she was approached by Superintendent Chris Martin to fill the role after current Principal Jon Barth announced his resignation. She has been at the middle school for 13 years, first as an eighth-grade social studies teacher, then as assistant principal before becoming principal.

“It almost is kind of one of the next natural steps,” Pogorzelski said of becoming high school principal.

Pogorzelski said she is excited to see the differences between the high school and middle school levels, particularly handling the ins and outs of college prep, as well as adjusting to a new schedule and a credit-based system. She is most excited, she said , to dig more into the potential opportunities of career and technology education.

“This is a big learning curve for me, so I’m interested to see how that works and how that can serve our kids and how it will go,” she said. “Mascenic has a large population of students who do not go onto college. To me, we should definitely be looking at the trades as something that’s important.”

Outside of the logistics, Pogorzelski said she is excited to see many of the students that she has already had at BMS.

“I’ve had all the kids, so that’s kind of nice,” she said. “I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

Fraley named Rindge Memorial School principal

In Jaffrey-Rindge, Nicky Fraley, current assistant principal at Rindge Memorial School and Jaffrey Grade School, will take over as principal of Rindge Memorial School.

“I was thinking about how to make RMS an even more fantastic school than it is,” she said. “It was kind of a no-brainer, and an easy decision for me.”

Fraley said that after current Principal Kelly Marcotte, who has held the position for eight years, announced her resignation, she took some time to consider her career goals and decided to put in her application. After an interview process, she was told by Superintendent Reuben Duncan and the School Board that she would be taking over RMS in the fall.

It’s a particularly exciting change, she said, because she currently splits her time between RMS and JGS, a role that she has been in since the 2019-2020 school year.

“Being in the role I have, and spending half of my time a week roughly in one school and half in the other, I’m excited about being able to be in one school all week to see things through,” she said. “Sometimes I get things started and then I come to the other school and then I hope in halfway through, so being present and available to support all the time is really exciting.”

The transition itself, she said, will likely be “really smooth,” and she hopes to set up time to meet with families, teachers and community members about RMS.

“Just hearing from them about what it is they fell makes RMS a fantastic school, and what are things that they would love to see grow and evolve and change, so we can work collaboratively to make RMS better in the future,” Fraley said.


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