Parents’ rights in education, round two

The battle over whether parents, or public schools and elites should decide what goes into the minds and souls of students has entered a second stage.

The Washington Times reports LGBTQ activist groups are complaining about parents who object to children as young as 5 being taught gender issues and reading books that contain profanities and anti-police messages.

Deborah Caldwell-Stone, who directs the disingenuously named Office of Intellectual Freedom for the American Library Association (ALA), is quoted by the newspaper as saying, “A parent or group should not have the right to restrict through government action what another parent’s child may choose to read.”

That will come as a surprise to many parents who have a right to believe their child’s school lunch will not contain harmful substances, as well as the right to keep their kids from having a secular-progressive political agenda tainting their minds.

Caldwell-Stone has it backward.

It is not the conservative and religious parents who have stirred up this hornet’s test. It’s the left-wing secularists who are indoctrinating children and stealing their innocence. I suspect many parents want teachers to stick to traditional subjects. Parents can teach whatever they wish to their kids at home.

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