Promise of Brown v. Board of Ed is slipping away inside JCPS: Opinion

Dewey M Clayton

In one of his comedy routines, Chris Rock says, “All my Black friends have a bunch of white friends. And all my white friends have one Black friend.” Based on polling conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, Chris Rock is onto something. A PRRI survey found 75% of White Americans have entirely White social networks with no minority presence. PRRI’s interviews revealed it’s not simply that people are unfamiliar with other races, but that they probably don’t even know any minorities. This absence of interaction leads to negative stereotypes and misconceptions about their behavior and status.

Given that our neighborhoods are highly segregated throughout America, this should surprise no one. If the residents of Jefferson County see the value in our youth being educated alongside kids of all different colors and backgrounds, though, we will need to bus them throughout the district.

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