Springfield to build roundabout near Parkview High School, JFK Stadium

A plan to build a traffic-calming roundabout on Grant Avenue near Parkview High School and its adjacent JFK Stadium has won the support of Springfield Public Schools.

Part of the city of Springfield’s sweeping Grant Avenue Parkway project, the new circular intersection will connect with Chrisman Drive on the south edge of Parkview’s campus. The plan will add a new entrance to the stadium parking lot.

“There is a lot of congested traffic on Grant Avenue. This will allow for the entrance and exit of our school buses as well as our students and parent drivers that come in from that direction, as well as our activities that go on at JFK Stadium ,” said Travis Shaw, the director of operations for the district.

“…It will allow the traffic to flow so much better there.”

The parkway project is a multi-use corridor development from the city’s downtown area to the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium and Bass Pro Shop. It has a lot of moving parts and the roundabout is just one.

In an April 12 school board meeting, Shaw presented a request from the city to grant a permanent right-of-way easement at Parkview for the roundabout project to proceed and make improvements along the stretch of Grant Avenue that runs between the stadium and the high school.

“This will involve the district donating approximately half an acre of our property,” Shaw said.

The roundabout is planned for the intersection of Grant Avenue and Chrisman Drive near Parkview High School and JFK Stadium.

The city also requested a temporary construction easement for the length of time it will take to create a new entrance and exit from Grant Avenue into the stadium parking lot, which will be accessible from the roundabout.

Additionally, the plan calls for relocating a parking lot on the west side of the Parkview campus, which runs along Grant Avenue.

“They will reconstruct that parking lot and actually bring it closer to our school building, which will be a positive for our school district,” Shaw said. “This construction will take place over the summer months.”

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