Springfield voters cite CRT, book bans in SPS board election for vote

Paul Borchett and his wife, Bernadette, voted Tuesday at Parkview High School, near the independent living facility where they reside.

Their children are grown and live elsewhere but they wanted to vote in the school board election, supporting Steve Makoski and Kelly Byrne.

“I trust you more,” Paul said.

Bernadette said allegations of critical race theory being taught in public schools helped her pick.

“I want people who are righteous. We don’t want the critical race theory because those are a bunch of lies,” she said. “It’s time for honest leaders.”

Springfield voters were asked to pick two candidates from among the five on the ballot. They included Byrne, Makoski, Chad Courtney, Brandi Van Antwerp and Charles Taylor, the only incumbent.

Springfield school board candidates clockwise from top left, Charles Taylor, Brandi VanAtwerp, Kelly Byrne, Steve Makoski, and Chad Courtney.

The two candidates with the most votes Tuesday will be sworn in April 12 for at-large, three-year terms.

The News-Leader interviewed voters exiting precincts in various parts of the district, during different parts of the morning and early afternoon.

Foot traffic was light with the number of voters before noon only hitting double digits in a handful of polling spots.

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Anna Hunt, the theater and dance department scene shop supervisor at Missouri State University, voted early at the Davis-Harington Welcome Center on campus.

An educator with two children in the district, she backed Taylor and VanAntwerp. “I feel like they’re the only candidates that have very much experience with children and/or schools.”

Hunt said she believes teachers should not be limited or forced to justify their curriculum.

Anna Hunt

“I’m very interested in schools being open to teaching a lot of different ways of thinking,” Hunt said. “I’m not interested in things being narrowed down, banned or kicked out. I don’t think that our teachers need to justify or present, well in advance, all of their lesson plans. Oversight, of course, is important, but I don’t think we need railroad teachers to approach subject matters in a specific way.”

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