Transition milk improves health in neonatal calves

Feeding calves transition milk instead of milk replacer in the first days of life stimulates intestinal development and improves health scores. In a new report in the Journal of Dairy Science®published by FASS Inc. and Elsevier, five researchers from Michigan State University examine the effects of transition milk on the health and growth of Holstein … Read more

Education with goal-oriented activities motivates students to choose fruits and vegetables

Fast food and away-from-home meal consumption is associated with increasing obesity in adults; often an unhealthy dietary behavior established in the critical time frame of young adulthood. A research article featured in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviorpublished by Elsevier, discusses how weekly food challenges and cooking videos increased confidence in making healthy choices … Read more

Featured articles from the journal CHEST®, June 2022

Published monthly, the journal CHEST® Features peer-reviewed, cutting-edge original research in chest medicine: Pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine and related disciplines. Journal topics include asthma, chest infections, COPD, critical care, diffuse lung disease, education and clinical practice, pulmonary vascular disease, sleep, thoracic oncology and the humanities. The June issue of CHEST journal contains 58 … Read more

Research of PhD Student of Macau Polytechnic University Published in Top International Nursing Journal

MACAU, May 31 – The paper “Promoting enteral tube feeding safety and performance in preterm infants: A systematic review”, written by Lin Tian, ​​a PhD student at the Macao Polytechnic University, in collaboration with experts from the United States and mainland China, proposes two clinical measures to effectively enhance the safety and efficacy of tube … Read more