Teacher Reveals ‘Secret Hideout’ in Her Classroom in Viral Video

A kindergarten teacher’s “secret hideout” in her classroom, which is completely hidden in an unlikely spot, is delighting the internet.

The viral TikTok revealing the secret space is captioned, “Sometimes you just need to hide from people #foryou,” and has been viewed over 532,200 times with 49,300 likes.

According to Education Week, there are 130,930 schools in the United States, which includes both public and private K-12 schools, according to 2017-18 data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Around 50.7 million students go to public schools in the country. Likewise, in the public school system, there are over 3.2 million teachers working full-time based on projections for the fall of 2022.

A teacher revealed a “secret hideout” in her classroom in a viral video. Above, a teacher in a classroom doing paperwork.

The 16-second clip, posted by TikToker @emmaclaireeeeeee, or Emma on April 14, began with the TikToker waving at the camera positioned on the other side of the classroom.

Next, she got up on top of some cabinets as music played, propping herself up on the upper cabinets.

“When you have a secret hideout in your classroom,” the screen read in text overlay.

From the top of the cabinets, she took a step up onto the top of a nearby room’s ceiling, which is located inside the larger classroom held up with rafters. It adds a little secret space on top of the room, and the teacher waved with both hands as she got to the top.

She showed her set-up in the upper story space, which included a seating area with cushions added on top of the insulation.

Plus, the area comes with a view, and the TikToker highlighted everything that could be seen from a number of viewpoints, which showed her desk and the students’ shared tables as well down below.

Before the video cut off, the TikToker was kicked back with her feet propped up on the side of the building as she sat in her hideout, which was positioned at the same height as the room’s lights hanging nearby above the classroom.

Over 300 comments came in over the teacher’s secret classroom space, with many people intrigued.

Some viewers had suggestions on uses for the space. “You should get a sub and sit up there and watch how your class acts,” a TikToker wrote.

One viewer admitted they were “jealous” of the hideout, adding, “That’s freaking awesome!”

While a few people wondered how the teacher found the secret area to begin with. “But like how bad was your day when you found that spot,” a viewer asked.

Many people approved of the teacher’s space atop the room. “Yes!” a viewer said. “All you need is a little fridge and some snacks up there and you’re set!”

Some saw the bright side in a hidden space. “Love it,” a TikToker pointed out. “It gives a chance to desocialize when needed.”

Others pointed out the cabinets the TikToker was using to climb up on. “You really trust whoever constructed those cabinets, huh?” a viewer asked.

Comments of appreciation included things like, “Immediate envy,” “That would 100 percent be my go-to nap spot,” and “I’d never come down.”

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @emmaclaireeeeeee for comment.

This isn’t the only viral video involving teachers. A teacher asked her students what was the one thing they would change about her. Another teacher asked his students to reveal something their parents do that makes them cringe. In addition, a middle school teacher asked her students what they wished adults “understood” about them.

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