The College Tour on Amazon Prime: Jacksonville University featured

Gathered outside behind the Howard Administration Building, about two dozen students wearing Jacksonville University shirts and big smiles awaited cues from film director Bob Jury.

He waves his hands animatedly and calls out, “We’re rolling, big enthusiasm, here we go.” It marked day eight of filming for the school’s feature in “The College Tour,” an Amazon Prime series that spotlights colleges and universities around the country.

For the show’s host and executive producer Alex Boylan, this episode marked a special homecoming. Boylan is a JU dolphin himself, graduating in 1999.

“Coming back to film my alma mater, words cannot describe it,” he said. “JU has made me who I am to this day. Some of my best friends are students I went to college with. It’s been so meaningful.”

Alex Boylan has been on the Jacksonville University campus taping for his show,

Boylan created “The College Tour,” which is now filming its fifth season, out of necessity after struggling to tour college campuses with his niece during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The mission is to tell the story of college education,” Boylan told the Times-Union. “How do you do that with 2,500 campuses across the country? We try to be as diverse as possible [with a range of campus sizes and student populations].”

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