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Entrepreneurs with a new startup are balancing so many things: developing and managing a new business, meeting the needs of customers and marketing to attract new ones, keeping the books straight and building their brand. Tying all these things together? A need to identify inexpensive or free ways for entrepreneurs to educate themselves in techniques necessary to advance their business.

With an eye on her bottom line and keeping expenses down, Patricia Wynn has taken advantage of online courses with a nominal certification fee to further educate herself as she runs her Hillsborough, NC-based lifestyle assistant business, Patricia Services, LLC.

Noted Wynn, “Even though I’m not a certified nursing assistant, I was able to go on the website and click on the training section to find online classes. So far, I’ve taken a caregiver class, one on CPR, another on COVID, one with tips on meal prep for seniors, and a class on the dos and don’ts of dealing with people who are suffering from dementia. Often there is no cost for a course, but [there is] an eight dollar fee if there is a certificate when you complete it.”

Lifestyle assistant Patricia Wynn catches up on some paperwork. (Photo courtesy of Patricia Wynn)

Wynn, 53, also plans to take advantage of some of the SCORE small business seminars that she sees listed in her email inbox. SCORE is the national organization of business executives that is affiliated with the US Small Business Administration. Wynn has had a good experience with her SCORE mentor, Maxine Stern, and many of the seminars offer helpful business tips for free or a nominal cost.

“I’m thinking about attending some of these seminars in person, or I might even be able to listen to an online version while I’m cleaning for one of my clients,” said Wynn.

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