Uptown Music Collective summer enrollment begins April 18 | Education

Williamsport, Pa. — Mark your calendars! The Uptown Music Collective, a nonprofit music school, will open its summer enrollment on April 18 until April 22.

Students can enroll in in-person or virtual private lessons on guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards, and drums. The semester will begin on May 2 and lasts for 15 weeks.

The summer semester will see the continuation of in-person classes and workshops, as well as the Adult Music Program known as “AMP.” This program is intended for those who wish that the Collective had been around when they were kids.

The program is specifically designed with adult students in mind while still applying the Collective’s standard music curriculum. Classes and workshops are offered at no additional charge to those students enrolled in private lessons at the Collective.

“The Collective is always enrolling for private lessons,” said UMC assistant executive director Jared Mondell. “Our enrollment weeks are the best time to get involved, but our doors are always open to those who want to connect with music.”

In the last 22 years, the Uptown Music Collective has grown from what many used to call “the best-kept secret in the Williamsport area,” to one of the area’s most respected nonprofit educational organizations.

While the school is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education to students of all ages, it focuses many of its programs on students 10 to 18 years old. The Uptown Music Collective is known for its positive peer group, inspiring teachers, and a diverse multitude of performance opportunities.

“The Collective is a place of growth. A musical home where you learn where you stand with music, and what you want to take out of it,” said UMC alum David Chubirka. “At the Collective you not only learn how to play music. You learn to live and breathe it. The teachers here inspire you. Bring you to new levels of what you never thought you’d accomplish. Setting new goals for yourself every time you step foot in that building. Learning an instrument somewhere else… just isn’t the same.”

Even though the Collective is known for highly talented student performers, there is no previous experience needed to enroll and take lessons. There are currently openings for students of all levels who are looking for private instruction. The school also offers financial assistance upon request and scholarship opportunities every year.

The school feels strongly about the role of music in creating well-rounded, thoughtful young people, and works to establish characteristics such as self-discipline and personal responsibility in each of its students through healthy habits such as practice and self-control. Uptown Music Collective students consistently perform at high levels not only musically, but also in their respective schools and as valuable members of other community organizations.

For more information about getting enrolled at the Collective, call (570) 329-0888, email Brendan Mondell at brendan@uptownmusic.org, or visit the Collective at www.uptownmusic.org.

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