US Education Secretary Cardona thanks RSU 21 bus drivers in Maine visit

KENNEBUNK, Maine — Cindy Messier held up two thick catalogs for all to see — including the man sitting right next to her, US Education Secretary Dr. Miguel Cardona.

“This is pretty intimate,” Messier said, as the catalogs drooped in an arc from her grip.

Messier is a school bus driver for RSU 21. She also trains the bus drivers. She was holding up the catalogs that are issued for all who are training individuals seeking their commercial driver’s licenses – not just bus drivers, but everyone else, too.

“We may need a new catalog for people who just want to be bus drivers,” she told Cardona.

Messier was speaking to a point made by Renda Turner, who has been driving students to school in RSU 21 for 23 years and loves her job. Turner had raised the issue of how much time it takes for bus drivers to get their licenses.

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