Viola Davis’ RI sister Deloris is a star in her own right

I had planned to write this column about Viola Davis, because, well, what a role model she is, rising from Central Falls poverty to A-list Hollywood actress, with her new memoir, “Finding Me,” a top seller on Amazon.

My approach was going to be a glimpse of Viola through her sister Deloris Grant, who still lives in Rhode Island.

The two are close, Viola now 56 and Deloris 58.

Of course, some of this will indeed touch on Viola.

But I’m shifting my focus.

Because, after I chatted with Deloris this week, she stood out to me as an equally important role model.

Among the unsung heroes in American life are teachers who stand a post in urban schools. It’s not an easy job, and many move on from it.

Deloris is among those who’ve remained committed for decades. She’s been a high school teacher in Central Falls for 25 years. Her subjects are Advanced Placement English and, no surprise, drama.

Deloris and Viola were into acting even as kids. It helped get them through.

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When still elementary school age, they won a skit contest in the city’s Jenks Park. And they used to play characters in their kitchen, a favorite being a pair of rich ladies based on Zsa Zsa Gabor.

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