Waycraft is more than a job for Keith Vinson

Keith, Laura and Gary Vinson are the children of Paul and Sharon Gobrecht Vinson. Keith went to Bucyrus schools and liked math and history. He took distributed education in the mornings his senior year and spent his afternoons working at Murphy Mart in the Southern Lights Shopping Center. Keith graduated from Bucyrus High School in 1980 and then went into retail management until 1992. He worked for GC Murphy Co., Ames and Hills Department stores. The jobs took him to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine, New York and Illinois. He was required to move to each place, but the companies usually paid the expense, so the moves were rather easy.

Then Keith moved to Illinois to be near his son until he graduated. Next, Keith returned to Bucyrus to care for his dad who had Alzheimer’s. At that time, he took a job with Ohio Specialty Services as a bus driver in 2010. They provided transportation for the developmentally disabled at Fairway/Waycraft and also for preschool children. He worked that job for 5½ years until he started driving a delivery truck for Waycraft Industries. Keith left for three months, until he was offered the plant manager position at Waycraft in September 2017.

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